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Could I be pregnant?
morgan91glover posted:
Hi, my boyfriend and I had sex July 25. I was supposed to get my period the 26. My periods have always been the same, coming every 28-30 days and lasting about 4-5 days (very heavy bleeding). So July 26, I got what I thought was my period but it was just spotting. It lasted 5 days and then I had a light period for 5 days. I have been extremely tired lately and I also have lower back pain. I'm also bloated. Do you think I could be pregnant?
Babygr123 responded:
having sex on the 25th wouldnt cause you to miss your period on the 26th. The whole process takes longer than a day. The sperm and egg have to meet and takes a little while. FYI it isnt possible to have a period while pregnant. It is possible to have bleeding related to the pregnancy tho. The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a test. However if the only time you had unprotected sex was on the 25th it might still be a bit early. GL

Any time you have unprotected sex you run the risk of getting pregnant.
reb_hun replied to Babygr123's response:
agree, there is even a chance to get pregnant when you are on your period too if your egg hasn't been expelled.
morgan91glover replied to Babygr123's response:
Thanks. My boyfriend and I both really want a baby, but since we live like 3 hours away from each other, and both work its hard to see each other. So yah, the only time we've had unprotected sex thus far was the 25.

Do you think my irregular bleeding was just an irregular period or light bleeding related to pregnancy?

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