Really, really scared
arc042 posted:
Well, I haven't taken a test yet, but I'm worrying myself sick. Here's the situation:

I've been on dep provera since April and have had two shots (on time) since. My period initially was continuous, until the second one when it abruptly stopped and I haven't had one since (which I know is normal with the shot).

My concern is this: I've been feeling an odd fluttering in my lower abdomen and a slight change there, especially when I lay on my stomach. I've always been prone to nausea in the morning due to stress but it hasn't been anything severe/noticeable lately. Other than this odd feeling in my abdomen, some swelling of my belly, and a lack of a period, I'm not exibiting any other signs (sore breasts, fatigue, color of the nipples).

Can anyone give me any advice? I'm pretty terrified right now. I'm 24 and about to start my first year in school.
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear arc042,

Take a Home Pregnancy Test so you can stop worrying. Pregnancy is never diagnosed on symptoms alone, because so many things can cause "pregnancy-like" symptoms. In fact, if you read the information the doctor gave you about Depo Provera , you may see some of the things you've mentioned listed there. You'll also see it's 99% effective.

Best of luck in college!