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Going crazy
An_185429 posted:
Hi all! My husband and I just started TTC Baby #2. I took a HPT probably too soon yesterday but since I already have a 2 yr old, I know what pregnancy feels like and I really feel pregnant; very fluffy sore boobs, odd feeling in my stomach.... Anyway, I am not due to get my period for another couple of days but I got a very, very faint line yesterday on my hpt so I am waiting until tomorrow morning to take it again. Any advice???
reb_hun responded:
think you're pregnant then, to me a faint line is a line. what you should do is what until the morning like you said because in the morning is when all of the pregnancy hormones are built up. good luck, baby/sticky vibes to you!!
shaylynn20 replied to reb_hun's response:
Thanks so much for your response! I haven't told anyone yet since i don't want to get anyone's hopes up or for anyone to feel 'sorry' for me if I'm not. i needed to hear another pseron's opinion. thanks again!
joellelewis responded:
I sounds like you are PG!
shaylynn20 replied to joellelewis's response:
Took hpt this morning again and still a faint line but much more obvious than the other day. Guess you ladies are right! Thanks!!!
Babygr123 replied to shaylynn20's response:
Danielle82506 responded:
Iam in the same boat as you. one afternoon i kinda had a feeling about "pregnancy" i decided to go to the dolllar store and buy one. I really didnt think it would come out postive, but 1 min later sure enough a faint line, i started freaking out and called my sister-in-law to look at the pregnancy test, and she said saw a faint line also. I went to the store to buy another one and sure enough another faint line. the next day i bought 3 more and on all 3 faint lines again. the next day another 3 and the second line that was faint the pervious day was now getting darker on all 3. 2 days later i was still in denal kinda so i bought 2 more and the 2 lines where def there. I decided to call call the doctor then after about 9 tests lol.
I have an apt next tuesday, if i calcuated it right i will be 4 wks 6 days

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