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11 days & counting.....
firsttimerr posted:
Hi ladies - well this morning checked off another check mark for me that I really think I'm pregnant !!
I woke up with the WORST headache I could've ever imagined - then while I was waiting for DH to get off of work I kept feeling like I needed to open car door to throw up !! Just out of no where I felt stomach sick for like 20-30 minutes. I decided to eat some cereal when I got home to make myself feel better - headache seems to be going away but the 'sickness' feeling comes off/on - to the point I need to stay in the bathroom because it just feels like I'm going to throw up my stomach !

I never had morning sickness with my daughter - didn't find out until I was about 12wks along. Periods were not normal back then but since her 5 years ago they've been like clock work..... I wanna test sooo bad but just want to be sure the next time I test would've given well then ENOUGH time for it to be BFP !!!

still keeping fingers crosseddd.....
joellelewis responded:
I got my BFP at 11days past ovulation. Good Luck!
firsttimerr replied to joellelewis's response:
11 days really ???? So how far along were you when you got your BFP ??????
joellelewis replied to firsttimerr's response:
3w 2d
firsttimerr replied to joellelewis's response:
WOW !!!! Yeh I would've been taking tests around that time - but everything has been BFN, except 1 evening I decided to test & it was a very faint line but next morning NOTHING - no lines nothing.. this was last week - so that was the last time I tested & I SWORE to myself to not test again until day of period....
Babygr123 replied to firsttimerr's response:
Sounds promising!!! GL and let us know

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