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Could I be pregnant or am I just working myself up?
An_185528 posted:
I had been on birth control for a few years. I decided to switch brands of birth control pills and was actually off the pill for two months. This is my first month of my first pack and my doctor told me that the first month I should consider myself unprotected and use a back up form of birth control. So we used condoms. Well, as fate would have it the condom broke. At the time I can honestly say I didn't think much about it... until the next day when I started having a lot of discharge, which led me to believe I was ovulating. Now, a week and a half later I'm having lower abdominal cramping, fatigue, tender breasts, lower back pain, and yesterday I was extra hungry. I could contribute this to PMS but I'm not due to start for another week and I usually don't start having symptoms of PMS until two or three days before I start. So, my question is, could I actually be having symptoms of pregnancy this early or am I just freaking myself out?
reb_hun responded:
well if you were off the pill for two months and weren't protected there is always a chance that you could be pregnant but you won't be able to tell this early. i'd wait until you miss your period and test again.
An_185529 responded:
Right... but would I be having symptoms this early? I know it's too soon to test.
tlkittycat1968 replied to An_185529's response:
Some women claim to have had symptoms before they missed a period so I guess it's possible. It could also be PMS. Just becuase your PMS doesn't usually start until 2-3 days before your period doesn't mean it can't start earlier.

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