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Late period, mild cramps, taking low dose of Adderall, negative pregnancy test
An_185537 posted:
Hi, I am very confused as to what is going on with my body! Since going off BCP last October, my period has arrived every 30-45 days. Recently however, my last period ended on 7/04 and I have no had a period since. Starting in April, I have gained about 15 pounds due to stress (recently unemployed). I had sex (partially protected-half without, last half with a condom) about 2 weeks after I ended my period (approx 15 days later give or take a day). About 1.5-2 weeks ago however, I started having dull cramps that have been at times on the right side and other times on the left, but mostly dull cramping all over. The cramping is not as bad as pre-menstrual cramping that I have had for years before I start my period. At that, premenstral cramping fo rme only last 1-2 days before I start my period. There cramps have lasted days. I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests and both have resulted in negative results. Im taking Adderall however (15-20mgXR) and know that that can possibly give false negatives. I have also experienced slight lower back aches off and on (usually mid-evening-late evening). No nausea or real heart burn (yet). My lower abdomen does not feel hard like I know it is supposed to feel when you are pregnant. I'm confused ad not sure what to do. It definitely does not feel like intestinal gas. I'm nervous about going to get blood work done to see what my hormonal levels are. Partially because I don't want to be disappointed, but also because I'm scared of what else might be wrong with me if I'm not pregnant and confused. Help!?!?
JR2268 responded:
I have tried not to psych myself out and make it a mental issue (i.e. making myself feel the symptoms of pregnancy, etc.). Convincing myself either way won't change whoever is of is not growing inside of me. lol I just wanted to add to my post that I have been sleeping longer hours at night (anywhere from 8-10 hours and still feel tired in the early afternoon and I get tired a lot more quickly than I used to. These are both new to me. I have also found that I have only recently begun to wake up around 3-4am to use the restroom almost every night even though I make a point not to drink anything the could of hours before I go to bed. Help. again.

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