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I am so confused, could I be pregnant?
xReynaGx posted:

I am so confused at this point so I am hoping someone on here could help me out on this. Here it goes: about 2 1/2 months ago I noticed that my period started to last for only 4 days and the flow was very light that it actually went away for one day totally and came back the next day but it was only small spots, and after the forth day it had totally stopped. I started to get nauseous a lot after I ate and even vomited sometimes. And i've been eating A LOT and have gained weight and I am going to the bathroom literally every 3 hours and if I didn't go to the bathroom after 3 hours it feels like my bladder is going to burst. Even my mother in law noticed both of these things. Even after a good sized meal I get hungry after 30 minutes. I talked to my mother in law about this and she said it's definitely a possibility that I could be pregnant and she asked me if i've taken a pregnancy test..and I have. But here's the kicker..the test was negative. I took the test about 1 1/2 after I started noticing these things. She advised me to take the test again but I haven't yet because I need others input and advice And as of now my back has been starting to hurt a lot. My period has been doing the same thing as I stated above but this last one I had it only lasted 2 days and the flow was VERY light. Here are my symptoms as of now:

Constant bathroom breaks every 2-3 hours
Nausea (I used to get it every day but it's gone away as of now)
Tender breasts
Spotting period
Occasional heartburn (rare)
Gaining weight

My husband and I have been very careful when we got married and used protection. The times we didn't, he would pull out just in time. As far as we know he did not ejaculate inside me...but is there still a possibility? I am so lost and confused and I need help and advice because the test was negative but yet I am having these symptoms I've never had before. Is there anyone out there that can help me? Thank you!

reb_hun responded:
when you took the test, did you use first morning urine? that is the most important because it holds the most hormones. if the next test is negative i would suggest going to the doctor to see what is going on. good luck!
xReynaGx replied to reb_hun's response:
no I didn't sadly Basically I bought the pregnancy test in the early afternoon and was anxious to do the test right when I got home. I'll remember to use the morning urine when I take the 2nd test. Thank you!

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