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18 days late - 2 Negative Tests
lindseyJo4986 posted:
My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex. Yes, we are both well aware that we could get pregnant and are okay with that. We are both at a place in our lives where we are committed to each other, financially stable, and ready to have children. My last period was September 15th and I am typically very regular. Per my calendar, I should have started on October 14th. I had no PMS symptoms leading up to this date and when I still hadn't started by October 20th I took a pregnancy test the second I crawled out of bed in the morning. Negative. I thought possibly that I was stressing myself out so waited another week and when I still hadn't started on October 27th, I again took a test first thing in the morning. I am now late 18 days and have had 2 negative pregnancy tests. I don't "feel" pregnant... But I also have never been pregnant. I have noticed that I am more tired, irritable, and nauseous feeling throughout the day, but my breasts are not sore or swollen. Where should I go from here? I was going to wait it out another couple of weeks and see if I get November's cycle.
alli57 responded:
I am in the same boat. I am only 4 days late but am showing several symptoms of pregnancy (tired, breasts are very sore, nausea, etc). I took a test on the first day of my missed period and another today. Both were negative. I am interested in the replies you get. Hopefully we both get some good advice soon!!
lindseyJo4986 replied to alli57's response:
I took another test last night and it came back negative! Thought I would try a different time of day! I should be starting my next cycle on the 12th. We shall see soon enough!

Good luck with your situation and let me know how it goes!
raziejonjon responded:
I am 9 days late, and have even had a blood test. I have all the signs so I am worried I am having a false pregnancy. You should definately make an appointment with your Gyno and see if they can do the blood test, and maybe a work up to test your hormones. I think I may be taking my own advice as well petty soon! Good luck!
vybe77 replied to raziejonjon's response:
Hello Ladies,
My last P started Sept. 16th and that made me about 2 weeks late last Friday...i was on cd 44 and so went into the clinic for blood work since I had taken several hpt's and all were negative...well irony had it happen that after peeing for the sample they needed when I wiped there was the beginning of my very late P...
Ive got 4 kids already and have never been late unless pregnant... I too had all the symptoms right down to the implantation bleeding and the nausea...
The clinic thinks it might have been a blighted ovum which in turn became a chemical egg was fertilized and implanted but then baby didnt progress the way it should have...
Gl to all of you in getting your results
Mom of 4~ Emily (10), Rinoa (9), Kody (8)
lindseyJo4986 responded:
Still no period. I am due on Friday for November. I took another test this past Saturday and it was negative. Does anyone know any other reasons that someone would miss a period if they have never been irrgular?
tlkittycat1968 replied to lindseyJo4986's response:
It's possible you did not ovulate and no ovulation usually means no period. If you miss a second period and are still getting negative results, see your doctor.
lindseyJo4986 responded:
I called my Dr's office today and talked to a nurse as the Dr will be out of the office until tomorrow. I told her that my last period was September 15th, I missed October's period, and was now late for November's. She told me that she would pass along to the Dr but a lot of times what they will do is put you on something to "jump start" your period. Does anyone know about this sort of thing? What if I AM pregnant? The nurse didn't ask me any questions and I didn't get a chance to share with her on anything else, like not being on BC for over a year and having unprotected sex. Nervous about this "jump start" thing!
An_185816 replied to lindseyJo4986's response:
I'm in a similar situation. My husband and I are trying to conceive and my period 17 days late. I am never late, always like clockwork. I've taken several hpt and a blood test at the dr. Dr said i could take provera to jump start my period but i didnt want to put hormones in my body when i'm trying to get pregnant. So dr said i could just wait it out and if I dont start within another week and def. within 2 weeks call back for another blood test. Just dont know what to think.
lindseyJo4986 replied to An_185816's response:
Thank you for your input! I'm not too keen on this whole idea!
NickiCece replied to lindseyJo4986's response:
My story is very similar to yours-the only thing is that I stopped taking birth control in September. I finished out my pack and got my period on September 30th. I haven't had a period since it is now day 43 and two negative tests. I had a lot of symptoms and thought it would be either my period or I could be pregnant, but neither. Has anyone else had the problem of not getting their period after birth control? My husband and I would love to start TTC but really can't when my cycle seems to be absent!
ohiomamaw replied to lindseyJo4986's response:
My daughter went through the same thing at one tome and the dr gave her a pill and told her it would "jump start her period". They had given her pregnancy tests and they were negative. After she took 1 of the pills I had to take her to the er, she had a miscarriage. I would not recommend taking the pill at all!!!!!!

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