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Does this seem right?
lisaanderic posted:
Hello all!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a month now. My last period was October 4th, and my cycle is 28 days ALL THE TIME. Its almost 4 days late, and my pregnancy tests have been coming up negative so far. But, earlier today, I went to the bathroom and when I wiped, I saw very light tinted blood. Is this spotting in early pregnancy, or do you think its my period coming? I just think its odd for my to have a 28 day cycle for years, then miss my period, and start spotting a few days later. I am going to keep an eye on it, and if it stays the same over the next 1-2 days, I will go ahead and take another test.

Thanks in advance!
beanie_gene responded:
I had the same issue last month. My period is always 25-26 days. Was late 7 days, took a test, negative, than got my period. This month, it is late again, but going to wait. Not sure what is going on, just think the cycle is changing.
An_185846 responded:
crazy thing is that i am going thru the same last period was Oct 4 also and i am usually right on time..i have been getting negative test as well...idk what to think either...was kinda expecting to be pregnant...i don't feel the same symptoms i usually feel before my period....i am antsy to know
tanishia51386 responded:
My last menstrual cylce was oct 4th also...the thing is if your tracking your ovulation it would tell you that you usually ovulate 14 days after your cycle begins which would be around oct 18th. therefore it would only be about 2 weeks after conception and too early for a pregnancy test to show up. Im in the same boat, im 6 days late and really hoping that i am pregnant, me and my husand has been trying for a few months now..Good luck!
DanielleRenee1126 responded:
I always spot about 2 days before my period, so it is possible your period is coming. But since you are really regular, it is odd. I'd definetly wait it out. I'm in the same boat and cycle and I'm late too. I guess it's just the waiting game now... Best of luck to you!

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