Can I get pregnant on an expired Mirena IUD
crazy_hormones posted:
I am 29, and have never been pregnant. I have been using Depo since I was 17, until I switched to an IUD. My Mirena IUD has been in longer than 5 years. It expired about 5 months go. Lately I have noticed that my breasts are becoming fuller and more sensitive, I have been EXTREMELY hormonal, and have been crying for no reason. I haven't had a normal period since I was 17, mostly I haven't had any, just some spotting here and there. I have been freaking out, because I think I might be pregnant, so I took a test, and it came out negative. But my question still stands, is it possible to get pregnant with an expired Mirena IUD still in place?
keri87 responded:
I see that you posted this 4 years ago and my question to you is did you ever go to the doctor to find out what was going on? i ask because im 26 years old ive had a child about five years ago and i had the mirena put in and it expired in jan. of 2014 and ive been late for 19 days now with all symptoms of being preg. sore nipples, extremely hormonal, cravings, restlessness , weight gain, and pain on my left side, with back pain. etc. but ever test that i take says im not preg. ive noticed alot of women have been having these problems after the expiration date of the IUD. if you would be so kind will you help me with what you found out ?
snowhitesummer replied to keri87's response:
Same question! What happened to you?