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Could I be pregnant?
An_186007 posted:
My husband and I have been trying to concieve and are having no luck so far. My last period started on the 11th of November. My husband and I had intercourse on November 22nd (it's was pretty late however. Close to 11:30 or 12am) and we also had intercourse on the 25th (again late - around 12 or 1am). I have no signs of pregnancy that I know about. However, today I woke up and had some bleeding. It was not bright red like usual and I have absolutely no cramps which is very very odd for me. (I usually have HORRIBLE cramps on my first day of menstration). I don't think it is normal to have that type of bleeding if you are pregnant but I do not know. It was not heavy but it was not light either. Kind of in the middle. I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts? Good feedback will be appreciated. Thank you!
mommyin2011 responded:
if you are pregnant, the bleeding could be from the implantation. though it might be too early to test with a home preg test. what I suggest to do is eat right and take care of urself till you can test (some test can detect the HCG level 5 days before ur missed period).
good luck to you and let us know!!

**I found out I was pg on Thanksgiving morning. I was 3 days late and my breasts were really sore. so if your sore and late...hopefully if a good sign!!!!

*~*~baby dust~*~*
megan2010 responded:
My last period was right on time but only lasted days and was really light.I also always have terrible cramps but did not have any that time. Not due again until the 16th, so I have to wait and see. I am having cramping in my abdomin and have been for about 4 days. I have heard that the implanation bleeding can resemble a period.
An_186008 responded:
Still me (Anon_59630 - the main post person) Ok so the bleeding started on Sunday and it is still going on today. Not very much but enough to need a tampon. It's still not a bright red, more dark. And I am still missing out on my cramps. I am supposed to start my period this week so I am thinking this might just be an odd period? Is implantation supposed to come this late and if so is it supposed to be that heavy? I'm not quite sure what to do...Help please?
tlkittycat1968 replied to An_186008's response:
Implantation bleeding, if it happens, is usually light spotting and only lasts one day. Sounds like you just might be having an odd period.

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