So much going on, not sure what to think????
amandapotts84 posted:
My husband and I have been trying to conceive since July 2010; I was having normal periods (except october when my period was a week late, but was right on schedule for Nov.)....I was not schedule to start my period until December 21st, however on December 13th at a christmas party one night as I used the restroom I some very slight spotting, only noticed it on the toilet paper with a small piece of tissue (only noticed it on the toilet paper twice when i used the restroom)...i used the restroom later that night before i went to bed and no bleeding or spotting.

My period never came on December 21st..i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. As of a week late, still no period..took another pregnany test came out negative. Now on December 30th i had some very light spotting for maybe an hour (not even enough to use a panty liner with), another day went by and on Jan 1st i though for sure i was going to start my period cuz i had some spotting a little here and there thoughout the day, but it went away..waited another day nothing...on Jan. 4th i had some more spotting (but only in the evening time) and now i have had nothing. The spotting that I have been having has only been noticeable on the toilet paper and maybe a little spot a panty liner that is it.

I havent' taken another pregnancy test since December 28th, but I am beside myself with what is going on. I thought the small bleeding i had on December 13th was implantation bleeding, but I would have though that a pregnancy test would have shown positive by now if I was pregnant, but with me not having a period and only very little spotting every couple of days...I am not sure what is going on....anyone one? I would love some feedback...

tlkittycat1968 responded:
Two situations:

1. You are pregnant and are just not showing on the tests. It's not uncommon for that to happen.

2. You did not ovulate and usually no ovuation means no period.

I wouldn't be to concerned at this point but if you miss a second period and are still getting negative results, see your doctor.
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amandapotts84 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I have always had normal periods my entire life..each period last three days and is normally mild heavy.

How long does it take for my pregnancy hormone to show? I have read that it can take up to 3-4 weeks after your missed period...

Also why would i all of sudden 13 years not ovulate? I haven't been under stress, so I'm beside myself.

I am actually going on 3 weeks and 2 days late and the spotting has been going on for a week now on and off....normally skips a day and spots for like an hour then stop. I called the nurse to my obgyn and she said that it could be stress causing me not to ovulate, but i am not under any stress and wasn't even during the holidays.

I had some slight cramps last night while laying down in bed, but not like period cramps (normally my period cramps i have to take some type of medication to have them subside) these cramps i did not.

So how long does it take for my pregnany hormone to show up?