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Missed period but negative pregnancy test
An_186237 posted:
I am 12 days late- tomorrow will be day 13. I track my periods by the ovulation calendar on WebMd. I get my period every 28 days. I am almost 13 days late, and took 2 tests that came out negative. Could I still be pregnant?What should I do???
sarabeth86 responded:
Have you had any spotting since your last period? Because what you think is spotting could actually be a very light period. But if you're concerned, go to your dr and have a blood test done. That will tell you right away. Good luck!
An_186238 replied to sarabeth86's response:
I had like 2 days last month right before Christmas, some spotting-not enough for me to even wear a pad, which only happened when I went to pee, and it would come and go, and then didn't get anything after that.I am hungry all the time, irritable, and tired, and never have problems with light periods or irregularity- in fact the complete opposite- always like clockwork, and what gives???should I wait and see if I miss another one, or just go to the Dr. ASAP???
An_186239 replied to sarabeth86's response:
Also, I have had some killer heartburn these past 2 weeks, and am really sensitive to smells of foods.This woman was eating a banana in my grad night course, and the smell of it was making me sick....
sarabeth86 replied to An_186239's response:
With my first, I got three negative results before I got a positive..I was close to 8 weeks along before I got my positive. So if you're really worried and don't want to keep testing, go ahead and call your dr and see if you can get a blood test done. Those are always accurate! Good luck!
An_186240 replied to sarabeth86's response:
Thanks. I tried asking my mom, without telling her it was me- didn't want her to get too excited about becomming a grandma yet- and she said that my friend could be going into early menopause!!!!I told her my friend isn't even 30 yet!She said it happens. I got angry and got off the phone with her. I'm going to call the Dr. to see about a blood test- like you said-they're accurate. My mom so conveniently forgot that she had a false negative with me!!!!Which I remember her telling me about when I was like 16- she said the urine test came out negative, but when the Dr. gave her the blood test, it came back positive.....
I guess it's not that uncommon...
nynicki replied to sarabeth86's response:
Also, if I am I can't be more than 3 weeks pregnant right now- and you said you were almost 8 wks before you got your positive.My period was due the 31st.
capriciousangel31 responded:
I am currently Having the same issue, my cycle has always been on time give or take a day or two, I have never skipped a period and I have been having a period since I was 12 ( I am now 20 ). I am currently 10 days late and have had 2 negative epts. I have had symptoms like sore breasts and head aches and just feeling tired all the time.
I am going to take 2 more tests this month but I still dont get AF I am going to get a blood test. Please let me know how your situation works out, I wish for the best for you.
vybe77 replied to capriciousangel31's response:
I have 3 kids already the youngest being 2...Ive never been late unless I was cylce has never gone beyond day 35 and that was a stretch cause its usually between 27-30 days...but this past October I went to day 44 w/o getting a P and was certain I was pregnant but when I went in for blood work that is when miss P decided to show herself...after being late for more than 2 weeks!!
The doc thinks it was either stress or anticipation or just because I might not have ovulated as early as usual...whatever it was it was dissapointing to say the least..
Im hoping you'll get better news but there is always a slim chance that the negative tests are telling true...get some blood work done it is the surest way to find out..
Mom of 4~ Emily (10), Rinoa (9), Kody (8)
nynicki replied to vybe77's response:
Ok. So now I am going into day 13. I am the one who originally posted this question last night. Still no signs of a period. I also woke up in the middle of the night hungry.Now I am second guessing myself and thinking I am manifesting symptoms of pregnancy just because the stupid test came out negative.I have an appointment at planned parenthood-since I have no health insurance right now- in two weeks.Are they even going to give me a blood test there??????I'm used to going to my regular obgyn, but as there's a lapse in insurance coverage for me right now, I can't afford to be paying out of pocket for extensive labwork and a doctor's visit.
I've been trying to get pregnant for about 8 months now- since I got married.....Should I just wait to go to this appointment, or call my regular obgyn, and pay the money???Or wait and see if my period doesn't come next month too?
LiuLiu responded:
Hi there, I am in the EXACT same predicament as you. I am currently on day 12 with no period. I took a Home Pregnancy Test ( Clear Blue Digital ), and it came back negative.

I have been really, really tired, & bloated. Though I'm not sure if it's related to actually being pregnant ( though I'm usually never either of those things typically).

I worry a bit as I had a miscarriage in April, and fear something may not be right again...

I am going to take another test tomorrow ( Day 13 WOP ). If that comes back negative I am planning on going in to get a blood test next week. Just to make sure there isn't something else going on, and alleviate the possibility that I may be pregnant ( which would be wonderful, but I'm not counting on it at this point ).

Please keep us up to date.

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