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Pregnant after Depo?
ajohnson08099 posted:
Ok, so I had one depo shot on Sept 30th, fun with all that stuff. The general problems from that stupid shot. I Finally got a Real AF 1/31/11 (with some spotting for 3 ish days before) and it did not end until 2/8/11. And I haven't seen a hint of it since. S/O and I don't use protection (what can I say crazy kids and don't mind if we get pregnant) any this month (usually every day or every other day) From about 2 weeks ago I had been queazy and one day had some minor cramps and back pain, but nothing else. On March 3rd I took a test and it said neg, but that was the first day of expected AF (that didn't come!!). I haven't been as queazy for the last week, but I'll have heartburn pretty bad when I usually don't, tired a lot, breasts are tender when pushed on lightly and feel HUGE but no other big changes, occasional light headedness and headaches a few days a week, and now I feel like my jeans are going to pop!!

I haven't taken another test, waiting for a full week to go by. S/O doesn't think I am, is just blaming it on the Depo-provera shot. I don't know!! Anyone had anything simular where they finally got an AF after a depo shot and then nothing the next month? I'd be more inclined to think it was the shot if I had had more than one. Without everything else.

We are trying to conceive. Scared to take another test and it be Neg. Just looking for some answers!!

Thank you!!
sweets1988 responded:
was on depo for 2 years and only just after i had started i had some headaches and weird periods but i didnt have anything quite like that. if that was the only dose you had the effects are supposed to last 3 months. so after that time line anythings possible and i would say yes you could be. Also some people for some reason dont test positive on home tests. if your up for it you can have a regular or blood test at your doctors office. I am in the same boat as you at the moment. its 3 days til my period should be and i have had alot of symptoms but 2 tests this week are negative so far. Its hard to wait it out >_<
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ajohnson08099 replied to sweets1988's response:
I think we are going to go get another test tonight. (At work til 11, Im horrible) And test again. If its neg this time and still dont get AF anytime soon I will call my Dr. She said at first it could be as long as 6 months.. But from what? When I got the injection? That would mean then by Next month that it should definately be all gone.. I guess? Lol

Good Luck and Baby Dust!!

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