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Possible to have normal heavy periods and be pregnant?
monikalopez posted:
Sorry this will be a long question but I need to be detailed to get the best answer/advice.
I took a woman's health class and learned that a 'period' is the shedding of the lining of the uterus... basically because the woman did not get pregnant so it sheds. Ok, makes sense. SO .. that means if a woman gets pregnant and has a period... its not really a REAL period. Could be light bleeding or something like that right? Ok, makes sense. Some cases, if its heavy bleeding that means miscarriage.
Well, here is my story so I can get the best advice/answer.
On December 23rd, I had sexual relations with my boyfriend.. we've never had intercourse but we have dry humped with underwear .. I have heard it is still possible to get pregnant with that but rare. He never ejaculated but he did have pre-ejaculation on his boxers but it was a tiny spot wet. So we messed around humping and I highly doubt any of his 'pre-ejaculation' even got near my vaginal opening. I mean we are pretty cautious so I dont think anything is 'technically' possible? I did get fingered too but not like that is his penis that can get me pregnant. So I'm trying to look at this all rationally. Ok, so anyway... the following day my period started. Very heavy flow, very normal period. Had cramps, it lasted 5 or 6 days. Normal. 28 days later my period started again in January. Normal flow. Nothing out of the ordinary. Cramping, bloating, normal flow with few clots. Same thing again for February which was 28 days later exactly too. Cramps, normal bleeding moody ect. Somewhere along the lines of all this happening I did gain weight... like possibly 5lbs but I stopped taking care of my figure since early January and ate junk food again (and stopped working out a lot) -- pure laziness. But what freaked me out this past week of March 7, I noticed my stomach looks BIG! I am praying I am just getting fat.. I mean I've struggled with my tummy as it is... before I lost 20lbs a year ago my stomach was big (I weighed 136) now 117 and it looks like its almost the way it was a year ago. At first I assumed I got fat but it looks big... but this may be me and my paranoia cause I do panic VERY EASILY. Well anyway, my period should be happening again in a week so I don't know what to think though.
Is it possible to be pregnant and have normal period flows every 28 days with the same symptoms of bloating, moody, cramping and bleeding normal ??
I have not experienced any nausea, strange cravings (unless its near my periods) no tender breast (from what I am aware of unless on my period or near it) I do pee a lot but that happens to me cause I drink A LOT of water (especially when I work out) and I'm used to that because that's been going on for over 6 months.... the only thing was I nearly passed out once in early February but that was because I was under extreme stress and I think I locked my knees standing for too long. But nothing since that. I am still pretty energetic, just lazy.

If, and only if I were pregnant, I'd have to be at least 11 weeks pregnant by now.... IF I were.. wouldn't I have noticed more stuff? I think my only fear at this point is the weight gain from my stomach... but I do admit I have been bad with my diet since late December till now eating out which I didn't do for months. So I partially blame the weight gain on not taking care of myself.

So here is my final questions:

monikalopez responded:

1. Can you be pregnant and still have normal flow periods every month exactly every 28 days if that's my normal flow days.
2. Is it even possible to get pregnant the way I described?
3. Since I've had my period the day after messing around, 28 days after that in January, and 28 days after in February.... can I be possibly pregnant? I haven't messed around since December so I dont know.

Any thoughts? Advice? Any women out here had normal periods last 4-6 days of heavy to later on lighter flow every month of their pregnancy?
& also, for those who have (cause I have heard stories) do you know why that happens?
monikalopez responded:
Anyone? Please help!

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