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When to call the doctor
studo02 posted:
My husband and I have been trying to concieve for about 6 months (when I went off bc). My last three cycles were regular; 29-31 days ovulating around 12-15 days after start (I usually bleed for up to 12 hours when I do). My last period was February 15th. I'm now going on cd40 and it hasn't arrived. I've had pms symptoms for up to two weeks now; nausea, sleepy, moody, dizzy, and headaches. The only symptom that hasn't shown that always does are that my boobs have not hurt or changed like usual. I've taken a few at home tests that came out negative, and when I was for sure 7 days late I went and had a blood test done. Which also came out negative. I know I ovulated this month, on cd 13, which I had sex the night before and two days later. I've noticed ever so light spotting first thing in the morning one week ago (about 3 days late) and again twice earlier this week.
I still have my pms symptoms (ugh) but no period. I've been noticing I'm a bit more tired and sick to my stomache and I've had anxiety through the roof the past week (not normal, but could just be stress from over thinking about it). How long should I wait before I see a doctor? Or should I just sit it out unti it comes? Thanks!
Javatalk responded:
It is not uncommon for a woman trying to conceive to feel pregnancy symptoms or over exaggerated PMS symptoms. The stress of conceiving can prevent conception from taking place in some cases. I would go see your doctor and let him or her know all that you have been experiencing. It's important you have answers to the questions you seek from a health care professional. This will help put your mind at ease and will relieve some of the stress you may be having. I recommend that you start a project to keep your mind off the idea of getting pregnant. This way if your next pregnancy test is a true negative you have something positive to show for it with your completed project.

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