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Mirena removal symptoms or pregnancy?
An_186625 posted:

I just had mirena removed about 3 weeks ago and I am really confused on the symptoms I'm having. While on mirena I would cramp HORRIBLY before periods but, even though the device was in place for 2 years, I had regular periods. They always came on the 20th or 21st of the month. I had mirena removed for many reasons, but not to conceive. Since mirena was removed my breasts have been constantly growing and sore. I have probably gone up almost a full cup size, my husband also pointed out that my nipples are much more wide then they were while on mirena. I have not experienced any cramping, some light spotting occasionally but still no period. I understand that it might take a while for my periods to get back to how they originally were but right now I'm over a week late. I have some lower abdonimal pressure, it feels like I should be menstrating but there is no blood. (sorry for the TMI). Another random thing is occasionally get random muscle spasms in my pelvic area (which could be completely unrelated but I though I would mention it anyways)

As for the sex part, my husband and I had unprotected sex 3 days before I had the device removed but have been extremely cautious since removal. Should I be taking a test since my period was regular while on mirena but I haven't had one since? Or should I just simply not be concerned at all?
butterflygirl_530 responded:
I would say take a test. I had the Merina but my periods gradually went away while I had it in. Then when I had it removed my periods came back and they were normal. When are u suppose to get AF? If its at least a week late I would defiantly take one.
mama_rayray replied to butterflygirl_530's response:
It was supposed to come on the 20th. I figure if it isn't here by the 30th then I will pick up a test. I barely spotted today so I don't know if my body went through implantation or if its just trying to figure out my AF. I don't know if I should really be worried, but I don't know if the little swimmers can live past removal. Thanks for your input!
chincarmom replied to mama_rayray's response:
Hi! I am in the exact same boat as you! Wow! I had mine removed on the 26th of feb, no bleeding after and still have yet to have a period. I have lots of your symptoms spot on.. we also had unprotected intercourse 2 days before I had it removed. I have taken a test and it has been negative so I do not know if I am or if I am not or if my body is just re-regulating itself. My bbs are sore, my areolas are bigger and darker, and I have a lot of discharge (TMI sorry!). I just wanted to let you know that I am exactly where you are so I know the feeling. I do know a girl on another board I was on was feeling the same way after her Mirena removal and is actually pregnant before even having her first cycle.
LadieShea responded:
it depends on how long ago you have had sex you should take a pregnancy only because it will be in the safe zone. your body is just letting you know that there was a big change made and its not use to that so your body has shut down your period for a a month or two and then it will start back up and also you body is trying to let the hormones go
tlkittycat1968 replied to LadieShea's response:
Um, why did you respond to a post that's 2 years old?
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