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Could I be pregnant?
An_186700 posted:
I had my last period on 3-19-11 I had sex on 3/24 an 3/25 which was also the same day I ended my period. I started my birth control on 3/28 an had sex again on the 3/29. Now I also had sex on 3/30 but I had forgot to take my pill so I just took it the next day. I missed my pill on 4/4 and 4/7 but I took them the day after. On 4/11 I had sex again.
Ive been feeling extremely moody like happy funny but mainly sad like every little thing gets to me and im never like this. I have back pains an tender breasts and today I ate ALOT nonstop. I just started started seeing very light pink when id wipe yesterday morning and just now it was like pink an brown an little bit clumps of blood like how it is when you end your period. I was wondering is there a chance I could be pregnant?

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Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_164498,

The best way to find out if you are pregnant or not is to take a home pregnancy test. You've mentioned that you have not been regular with taking your oral contraceptives and that may be necessary in order for it to work. Do consider a home pregnancy test and then discuss it with your doctor. Could I Be Pregnant? FAQS and When to Take a Pregnancy Test may be helpful to you before you take an HPT test. Won't you take a HPT and then write back and let us know how you are doing?

Take care!

- Annie
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Clandestine91 replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
I read the "Could I Be Pregnant? FAQS" & "When to take a Pregnancy Test" I had to decided to wait a little longer before I take a test. I started to see pink on 4/16/11 It was pink the first day an 1/2 then I bleed for like 2 days then the brown an pink the last day on 20th then it was completely done.
I just took it as if I had my period an went on with life considering maybe the moodiness an eating alot was the period but I was still like this after in fact still am.

Then I was when I was at a party I started to drink (usually I can handle alot but this time I could barely take a drink the sight and smell made my stomach turn) Now the weird thing is I take the bus for transportation an lately I started feelin like motion sickness with a slight headache and I never get that and the past 2 nights I felt nausea at night.

I don't know if this matters but the night of Easter I was laying sitting up in my bed watchin tv. I had just finished eating a snack (bowl of cereal or was it spaghetti o's) an my stomach felt satisfied but when I burped a little throw up came up my throat an went back down. An my Stomach does look bigger but its mainly the belly button an below area. Lower back hurts more often lately too. Also I dont know if this is a common sign but my sister got this when she was pregnant. ACNE. my boobs no longer have that NOTICEABLE bumps an darkness. Theres still nipple tip darkness an tiny bumps if you touch though. I f anything they lookin like a pointy shape without bra an with they are plump an full I guess because being supported.

When do you think it will be a good day to take a test or is this all in my head?
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to Clandestine91's response:
Depending on the home pregnancy test, some can be accurate as soon as 9 days after ovluation. But-- that is assuming you know when you ovulated and while the average is half way though your cycle there's no way to know for sure unless you've had an ultrasound.

If you think your period isn't regular this month, and the bleeding could have been implantation bleeding, then you can certainly take a HPT and see what the results are.

As to other common signs of pregnancy, many women have to go to the bathroom a lot more often. Strong odors can cause nausea, and women do experience changes in their breasts -- they become tender and grow larger as the pregnancy progresses.

You may want to buy more than one HPT test in case you need to do any re-testing. Remember to use the first morning urine to get the most accurate results from a home pregnancy test.

I hope that helps!

- Annie
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nicoleoliver23 replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
was wonderin if u could read my tip and answer it to the best of your knowlegde and help me
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to nicoleoliver23's response:
Hi nicoleoliver23,

Yes, I will reply on the other discussion you started, simply click on the link below to find your other discussion and the replies.

- Annie
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