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no heartbeat??? :(
1995diaz posted:
I had an ultrasound friday (regular and internal) and today they tell me that they could not find a heartbeat or could tell me for sure if the pregnancy was viable. they said I was only 5 weeks and that they needed me to come back in two weeks to check for viablity, has this happened to anyone? did I loose my baby??
Rebecca334 responded:
have you heard the heartbeat before on your last ultrsound? if not normally you won't be able to hear the heartbeat till six weeks and its possible that you are either two weeks behind what they think or two weeks farther...but don't think to negatively right now you wouldn't want to stress right now ..easier said then done but try to find a good hobby to occupi your mind for the next couple of i said maybe it was just to early to hear right now..keep your head up..
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi 1995diaz,

I don't know the answer to your questions, but I do understand the stress of having to wait to go back for another ultrasound.

Won't you write back once you have another ultrasound and let us know how you doing?

- Annie
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1995diaz replied to Rebecca334's response:
thank u so much I needed those words, I am so stressed n just keep crying, Im trying to keep my mind occupied. and I guess Ill schedule my next ultrasound and leave it to God, theres nothing more I can do no matter how much it hurts. thank you so much
1995diaz replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
I will for sure do that, thanks so much for caring
An_186783 replied to 1995diaz's response:
I did this, First I passed out at work and went to the doc. He told me I wasnt prego the test came back Neg. I had him do a Bloood Test and it came back Pos. They couldnt find the baby or Heart Beat. They thought it was a Ectopic Pregnancy. It want a few weeks later The little Cell ball appeared. Just give it another week and DONT I Repeat DONT stress. That is the last thing you need to do, you also have to remember if you are going by your last period as to how far along you are you could be a week or two off. Some people dont even ovulate until 14 days after the start of your period.
Lysana responded:
At 5 weeks, you'll typically only see the gestational sac and the yolk sac. I've heard of someone seeing a heartbeat as early as 5w6d, but it's usually a few days past 6 weeks before you will see it.

I've had 5-week ultrasounds with four of my five pregnancies, and all 4 of those were consistent with that. With three of the four, ultrasounds a few weeks later showed normally-developing embryos. The other one was a blighted ovum, which means there was something wrong with the egg and an embryo didn't develop - but there was no indication of that from the 5 week ultrasound.

Gentle hugs...I know how scary it is. Please update when you know more!
1995diaz replied to Lysana's response:
thank u so much, it makes me feel so much better. Im waiting till wednesday and I will defenetily update. thanks again
1995diaz replied to An_186783's response:
thanks for ur words they touched me deeply. I will try not to stress and will do my ultrasound on wednesday and update for sure. thank u so much
truewyatt replied to 1995diaz's response:
When I was pg with my daughter; they didn't see the h/b at all but they did see the sac; I had to go back in a week to get another one and they did see the h/b that time and I was around 6 or 7 weeks at the time. So it all depends on the position of the baby in the womb as well. My DD was positioned up pretty high in my womb so it was always hard to find her h/b.
Hang in there and do not stress; stressing doesn't do you or the baby any good.
Brandy 38, dh 40, ds 1, lost 6/08 and 9/09. Estelle joined us on 10/30/10. She weighed in at 10lbs 3oz and was 21 in length. She was born 5 weeks early due to my developing preeclampsia.
1995diaz responded:
This is a response to all who wrote, I went in and the heartbeat was found, I am behind what I thought or the doctors thought. I am 7 n a half weeks and Im due on new years thanks again for caring

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