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Could I be Pregnant
moonbeam2911234 posted:
I need a bit of help and I hope that someone can answer me questions....My DH and I had sex every other day including the day of Ovulation can this lead to pregnancy? I normally follow a 28day cycle but sometimes I O a few days before or on day 14. I don't really have any of the "expected" symptoms Im only feeling mostly nauseous after I eat or even before I eat definitely mostly at night also gassy,backache and bloated. I also know most of these symptoms are period related. Does every woman have high temps during pregnancy? What are other ways to have sex to result in pregnancy because there so many different articles that I must say have me very confused.
carlsonclan responded:
I dont understand what you mean by "What are other ways to have sex to result in pregnancy because there so many different articles that I must say have me very confused." Ways to have sex for pregnancy is all dumb, just have sex. You can have it every other day rather then everyday is better. It takes 24 hours to rebuild the "good" sperm and if you are doing it every day you may miss a good amount of sperm needed to get pregnant.

As far as the temp. yes if you have been taking your temp very first thing in the AM before you get up or move in bed chart that temp. If your pregnant your temp will stay high after you Ovulate. It wont drop back down.

WIth both my pregnancies I knew with in days. I could feel cramps in my very lower belly, boobs were on FIRE and itchy. Bloated also. I also started to get a few pimples.
I think everyone is different.
Good luck.

moonbeam2911234 replied to carlsonclan's response:
Thank you for your feedback my temp seems to be dropping so I guess im out of luck this time around . What I meant about what other ways to have sex was if since I tried the every other day method and I dont think it worked for me. I was wondering should I actually wait for the two most fertile days instead by using the ovulation predictor test. I guess I'm just annoyed and what it to happen sooner than later so I'm a bit impatient. I also want to apologize if you find that I am all over the place.

I've felt symptoms that I thought were related to pregnancy a few time ex.(twinges in breast,cramping /pulling in uterus ,back pain, gassy, nausea mild headaches) but i ended up with my period anyway.

I don't have children yet and really want to start building my family. Just hope it will happen soon
cbragg15 replied to carlsonclan's response:
Hello carlsonlan,
I have been trying with my husband for 2 months... I have cramps in my lower stomach today, they are very uncomfortable. I had a positive OPK yesterday and we took full advantage of it I'm wondering if it's too soon! We also tried the every other day thing and have been "taking advantage" since Monday! Like how "soon" did you know?

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