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negative test turn positive? am i preggo?
nancybuimikko posted:
I'm TTC anyways, Today, I've been having major discomfort in my I went to URGENT care...they needed a urine sample and did a preggo test...they said in 5 minutes, it had turn out negative. THREE hours later, the urgent care called me, telling me that when they looked at my results again, the test showed positive. They want me to come in tomorrow to do another test...and don't want to wait until Tuesday to do so...I don't know why...anyways, should I be excited or should I NOT get my hopes up? Any advice please? Greatly appreciate. Thanks
JadedWhispers responded:
From what I have read that a test that turns POSITIVE after the stated amount of time of reading is really a NEGATIVE. They give a 10 minute window to read the results in and if it was NEGATIVE prior to those 10 minutes then it is a negative test. Sorry but LOTS of BABY DUST!
nancybuimikko replied to JadedWhispers's response:

Well, the nxt day, I came into the same urgent care, did another urine test with first morning urine...and it came out positive...but the doctor said he is still unsure and order a blood was it possible for a urgent care facility to have a false positiv?
mrsjmsr replied to nancybuimikko's response:
You cant get a false positive on a prego test. If the test is positive then you are pregnant.
SavvyMV replied to nancybuimikko's response:
I doubt it's a false positive so..... CONGRATS!!!!
nancybuimikko replied to SavvyMV's response:
Thanks yay!
Cpruitt5js responded:
I had same thing, mine was neg. I got in shower and got out and it was pos. I am not almost 6 weeks I have NEVER heard of a false pos. EVER! I would say if it went from neg to pos your just SUPER early and your hcg level aren't very high..

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