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EBsMommy posted:
Well here I am again.

I was using WEBMD's ovulation calendar to see when my next period should be. They asked for my last 1rst day of period.. I'm going to sound like an idoit here but do I use the first day of the real flow or the first day I had the pink stuff?

My last period was quite strange for me and thats what brought me here in the first place. It start with a little pink stuff on July 31rst then on Monday the first it was there but nor normal becuase it wasn't the normal heavynes and condesity of it and then on the 2nd about 4pm it quit.. I had on and off 'spotting' that last less than 30 minutes each time. I went to my OB on that Friday she said no but then to wait 2 weeks and take a test. I waited a week and a half and took one. No go. But I looked on line and it told me I took it too soon. SO now I went on here put in the 4th of July as my pervious and the 31rst (because of the pink stuff) as my first last day.,......... IT TOLD ME I SHOULD OF HAVE IT YESTERDAY!!. Now for last 3 days I have been having sharp pain in my pelvic right on the bone are and cramp like syptoms but not like my normal periods. I normally get pains in my legs and a stomach ache right before I start.. I got nothing... so i'm freaking out.

What day should I be using?? If it's the day of the actually blood blood then that would be the 1rst and I should start tomorrow if not then I'm late!!

Please someone help me
EBsMommy responded:
After researching this question (and still confused) no I have never spotted before any of my periods.. its just there.. I have it go up to the heaviest point and then comes down but no no spotting before.. I 'normally' get a little brown spotting after that usally last only a day or half a day.

kaiori replied to EBsMommy's response:
Oh my. I've been dealing with the same thing! but with sever naeusa! and pms like symptoms.. so confused.. Congrats btw
EBsMommy replied to kaiori's response:
Thanks! this is the first place that I have told!! LOL

Seeing my bf over this great holiday weekend and I'm going to take a test in front of him... nothing something that should be said over a text message

No sleep for me tonight !!

I used the ovulation calculator on here and also went to count down to pregnancy . com and use their pregnancy test timing calculator (can you tell Im an accountant? lol) and that helped me with a guide line.. I hope that helps you Good luck
kaiori replied to EBsMommy's response:
Awhh I'm so excited for you! I'm in that period of time were im just waiting for the right moment to take a test. its so confusing lol

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