brown discharge instead of period...Could I be Pregnant?
melmccullen posted:
My husband and I have been TTC since Feb of this year.
Last period was Sept 2nd. I am have regular period every 28 days. I was due for my period on Sept 30th. That night I had one little spot of red blood ona pantiliner so i just thought it was the start of a period so I put on a pad and cried myself to sleep =(
When i woke up there was nothinh on the pad so I got confused.
Everyday I end the day with a clean pad/liner, but when I wipe there is the slightest hint of brown discharge(maybe old blood). I have not taken a HPT yet b/c in june I had a chemical pregnancy and dont want to get myself too excited. I feel alone in my experience anyone have a similar story or any suggestions for me please
ajohnson08099 responded:
If you BD'd during your fertile time, its completely possible that you are pregnant.

Or if you are stressed out or anything like that you may just be late... Will only know if you take a test.

I'm sorry about your chemical pregnancy, I understand about now wanting to get your hopes up about another possible pregnancy. You could wait a week and see if your AF doesn't finally come in before you test I am sure..

I understand about being upset when AF comes. I have been actively charting my cycles and changes for a month now, but we have been "kind of" (not taking action to aviod pregnancy) since January.. So I get upset when ever Auntie rears her ugly head.

Good luck! Baby Dust! Let us know how it goes.
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