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prego after just having a baby???
Anon_125277 posted:
need advice.

I have a baby on 7/31/11...I got my first period 6 wks after given is now 36 days from my last period...usually I am 26-28 days between periods...I know that ur body is different after having a baby. but could I be prego again??? is anyone's cycle affected by having a baby? im taking a test in a bit, just want to get some insight.

if I was prego, my baby would be delivered only 12 days before my sons first b-day!!!!!

also, it took me 5 yrs to have my first child...could I possible be really fertile now??
Anon_125277 responded:
mochabanana replied to Anon_125277's response:
Wow...yes it is possible (obviously)...Something about the hormone balance in the body. I've actually known a lot of gals who have gotten pregnant right away...Irish twins.

Well hopefully this is good news even if unexpected. Congrats!
annonymous159263487 replied to mochabanana's response:
I know how ya feel my baby is just 7 weeks old an am afarid we may be preggo again. We didnt have sex, but we were fooling around and put it in for about 30 secs. Dont know if my first period just didnt come yet, or we are preggo.
mommyin2011 replied to annonymous159263487's response:
bleed 6 wks after my son was born..then 4 wks after that i had my next period...and no more after that!!!! preggo again!!
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tlkittycat1968 responded:
My SIL got pregnant without having a post-partum period. She breastfed full-time so that suppressed her period for about a year. A few months later she thought she was getting her period but turns out she was pregnant.
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