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Could the tests be wrong?
SavvyMV posted:
I havent had a period since my anniversary: July 22. I took a test one month after and then another one month after that but havent had one since. When I initially thought I was prego I set up the pregnancy calendar on webmd. For $#*%s and giggles I looked at it to see where I would've been had it been true and I came upon a startling revalation: I would be just far along enough to feel movement and... for the past week or so I've had this feeling in the lower abdomen that reminds me a lot of when my ds was in-utero. Now, I'm a big woman so I haven't lost or gained any weight however my lower abdomen has become increasingly more "firm", like there's a little ball there (another thing the second trimester guide says you'd feel). Since I am fat, is it possible for me to be pregnant and never realize it?

Oh, and if you're wondering, my breasts have felt heavy and sensitive for months on and off. Every time it happened I thought I was going to get my period but it never came. What do you think?? Is it possible I might have problems with pregnancy tests? I once took a test when i was 6 mnths prego with my ds and it said neg, I wonder if I should bother going to the doctor.... but I hate the doctor.... what do you think?
Anon_235460 responded:
Yes you should go to the doctor to see if your preg or to see why you haven't had a period in such a long time.

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