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An_242038 posted:
hello, I found out in late October that I was pregnant and then on November 1, I ended up losing the baby. ( I was about 7 weeks). Its been six weeks since the miscarriage and I have no period. I had some spotting on Nov 16-18. I have had a lot of morning sickness/vomiting due to smells or taste. I have taken two pregnancy test (both in the evening) and came up negative. I don't know if it is possible to be pregnant again so soon or am I freaking out over nothing. Please answer with thoughts or advice.
orin34 responded:
Take a test with FMU and it will be more accurate (if in fact you are pregnant).
And yes........ you can get pregnant that fast after a loss. But it can also take a while to get back on track too.
Did you go in and see your dr at all after you lost the baby?
missbhatia replied to orin34's response:
helo everyone,[br>i gt18 years of my life completed last month on november26th, and i had sex with my partner without protection<condem or pills> on 4 and 5th of november one day before getting my periods start, but he does pull out before he feels like ejaculating .[br>last month on 6th november i had my periods in a good mannr for 4-5 days.... n my next date for getting periods was 5-6 december bt i had them on 9th december and that also for a day only..[br>from last week aftr my irregulr period i have been noticing pain in my stomach and dehydration. even i am feeling as if there's some change in my breasts size or something....[br>[br>i hav not taken any protection pills or hav not done any test to check if i am pregnant because i cant tell about it to any of m family member. evem my partner has gone abroad for an year so i am all alone to manage this situation. if i got pregnant my family is going to kill me at the same moment..[br>[br>plz help me with the information... are their any chances of getting pregnant ?????[br>plz reply as soon as possible. i am in depression these days..
An_242038 replied to orin34's response:
update: i found out two weeks ago that I am pregnant again. 8 weeks tomorrow.
jon3brn replied to An_242038's response:
congrats, due to the prior miscarriage are they putting you on any precautious to prevent it from happening again.

Again, so happy for you. Keep us updated on your progress.
Me(28) and DH(28), Married and TTC since April 2008, 3 rounds of clomid no success, 6 month break, Jan. 2012 BC for one cycle due to cysts, 1 IUI attempt Feb. 2012
jon3brn replied to missbhatia's response:
the only way to really be sure is to take a home pregnancy test (store bought) or to go to a doctors clinic to have your blood drawn to be positive if you are or if you are not. The longer you wait and you are, you are doing harm to the baby by not taking care of yourself and seeking the proper care.

Your family may be a little upset but they will certainly not kill. If your boyfriend is abroad and you are pregnant, you should tell him. He has the right to know. It is your decision but your decision should be what is best for the baby and not what is easiest for you. I hope you get to feeling better and find out an answer soon, either way. We are all here for you.
Me(28) and DH(28), Married and TTC since April 2008, 3 rounds of clomid no success, 6 month break, Jan. 2012 BC for one cycle due to cysts, 1 IUI attempt Feb. 2012
An_242038 replied to jon3brn's response:
Update to my post, I know have a beautiful two month old daughter. Very happy everything went ok.
tlkittycat1968 replied to An_242038's response:
Congrats! I sometimes wonder what happened to previous posters. Thanks for coming back and giving us an update.
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