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Scientific question on getting pregnant on brith control
jerseylove12 posted:
I know that the pill is less effective when you miss one, or don't take it at the same time every day, and when you're sick etc. And I know the most likely time you get pregnant is when you ovulate and thats around days 12-16.
But how does someone get pregnant on birth control? If you have unprotected sex on the day you miss your period are you screwed? Or is it just the fact that missing a pill messes up that month's cycle? And if that's the case, how. Physiologically I mean. You hear a lot about when the pill is effective or ineffective, so I'm just curious as to what goes on internally.
phoenixfire76 responded:
When you miss a pill level of the drug that causes you not to ovulate drops and then you can ovulate and if you have unprotected sex at that time you could become pregnant.
Best of luck.
jerseylove12 replied to phoenixfire76's response:
when is the earliest a person can take a pregnancy test when this happens? do you have to wait for the placebos in the bc pack and see if you have a missed period? also what about a 84 day cycle?
blueeyebaby replied to jerseylove12's response:
I dont have any idea about a 84 day cycle. My question would be when did you miss a pill? More than one? are you still taking the bc since you missed a pill? Where are you at in compairson, where in the 84 day cycle now, where in the cycle did you miss a pill ect. Best guess is you could test 2 weeks after you missed a pill / think you may have ovulated and could have gotten preggers (typical time frame to test during a normal cycle in which someone was trying to get preggers) and talk to you dr to see what they say. You can also call your pharmacist and them how your exact birth control works to see if it is possible/what to do now. Hope some of this helps.

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