Am I Pregnant?!
Fox_babies099 posted:
Still too early to test but.... I have: back aches, im tired all the time, im hungry all the time but when I eat more than 3 bites I get sick, my boobs are tender and the 15th I had spotting (3 to be exact). My back aches started 4 days ago, though yesterday I did not feel anything, it came back today. My breasts started hurting much more today. I have loose bm one day and the next im constipated (tmi sorry). I do not know when i O'd and this is my second month off BCP. Last month, my first month off BCP, I did not experience this so i know it is not because i am off the pill. Im due for my period 6/1 and test was negative Friday. What are your opinions?
midnightsun0810 responded:
a HPT might not be able to tell you if you're pregnant yet. hold out another week then try it. You could be experiencing pains from your body getting ready to have your period.
phoenixfire76 responded:
You may be experiencing sever PMS due from coming off of birthcontrol or it could be possible that you are having early pregnancy symptoms, hard to tell right now. Wait and see, if you miss your period when it's due by more than 2-7 days then take a test with 1st morning urine.
Best of luck.
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