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Should I test or wait?
Anon_9709 posted:
Trying to get pregnant, my period is due on Saturday. For a couple of days now, I have been really tired, moody, hungry, experiencing some breast tenderness, very mild nausea, increased urination, I'm just not sure if I should wait to see if my period shows up or take a test?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It may be too early to take a test. PMS and early pregnancy symptoms often mimic each other so I'd wait and see if your period comes before you test.
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Anon_9709 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
So it is now Monday, still no period, took a test yesterday it was negative, how long should I wait before I see my doctor? So confused, still having a lot of symptoms
tlkittycat1968 replied to Anon_9709's response:
How late is your period?

If your period is more than a week late and you're still having symtpoms, you can see your doctor now for a blood test.

Keep in mind that it's common for women to skip a period. It usually just means she didn't ovulate.
Proud mommy to PJ (4)
Anon_9709 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Its only 2 days late, just really not feeling myself, so I think I'll wait a few more days and see my doctor
phoenixfire76 replied to Anon_9709's response:
If the test was done with 1st morning urine the it should be accurate, but if you get to a week or later then you should re-test with 1st morning urine and if still negative results then you may want to see a Dr. for a blood test.
Best of luck.
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Anon_9709 replied to phoenixfire76's response:
It wasn't done with the first morning urine, I saw my doctor at the walk in clinic last night for a different problem, he has advised me to come in for a blood test, so I am doing that today, not sure how long it takes for the results, happy thoughts though
Anon_9709 replied to Anon_9709's response:
Really depressed, with the way I have been feeling I was sure I was pregnant, but the blood test came back negative, still no period. Time to book a doctors appointment, something is not right, if I am only getting my period every other month now, I got it in march, nothing in april, got it in may, now nothing in june. So confused and disappointed

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