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Negative tests but growing belly
An_245620 posted:
I think I might be pregnant. I am on birth control and have been since January.

I would have gotten pregnant the second week in March. I had been using the pill, but sometimes missed it, and took 2 on one day- this happened one or two times. (I had sex without a condom 2nd week of March.) I've noticed since then that I've been gaining weight in my stomach and I have some stretch marks on my breasts although they're not noticeably bigger. I've also been sick for a while (had the flu, with a fever, in April, and have had a cold/sinus infection for a while).

I took 2 pregnancy tests in early May and they both came back negative. My periods have been regular, but kind of light- not really light. By regular I mean they usually come after 3 days or so after being on the sugar pills, and then they end as I go back on the hormones.

Could I be pregnant? It's really the weight gain that's freaking me out, because I am usually skinny and don't have any problems with gaining weight. And my stomach really looks like what pictures of people who are 3 months pregnant look like.

I am kind of freaking out, and I know I probably shouldn't be, but I've heard stories of people who still get their periods and have negative pregnancy tests, and that is really scaring me.
countrygirlkay responded:
You could be pregnant and not showing on the stick but your saying that your still having normal periods... What i would reccomend doing is contacting your obgyn to see about getting an ultrasound to see, if indeed it is a baby, Hope that helps some
phoenixfire76 responded:
If you have be having normal for you period then it's unlike that you're pregnant but the only way to know for sure if you aren't having testing positive on home test is getting a Dr. to do a ultrasound.
Best of luck.
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aerisg2598 responded:
I believe its very possible I don't go off of the usual ways to know if your pregnant there really is only one way to truly know and thats an ultrasound because no test is 100 % accurate not even a blood test I had a normal period for five months straight so I didn't even check for a baby and I was 5 months pregnant. And now have a beautiful son I had no symptoms at all of pregnancy. So it depends in your body because no two pregnancys are the same so we can't tell you the answer

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