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odd situation, think im preg tho?! if I am, I would be 15 weeks today!?
ImJusMe22 posted:
Well first off im 22, my name is Tonja, and I think im pregg, but first lemme tell u about all that I have been thru to get to this point. since february. well feb was the last time I had a normal regular on time period. march missed it, april it came but 3 days early and was very light. May was more of a struggle. still 3 days earlier but lasted almost 2 weeks, along with weight gain, back pains, fatigue, moodiness, and frequent pee. I took 4 home tests only the second 1 said yes? went to the hospital for chest pains within same month took pee preg test it said no? weird yes i kno. now I was always around 150-60 in weight now today i weigh 166 and my belly is sticking out. my clothes are tighter then they were about a month in a half ago. idk what to do. im having mixed feeling about this, because I wouldnt mind a child but prefer to not be preg and my boyfriend of 6 yrs would rather wait, especially since we are both full time college students and have a 3 yearold together. Please ! I need some advice. positive or negative, all is needed!

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An_242764 responded:
Go see a doctor and get a blood test done.
sweets1988 responded:
if you have insurance or medicaid i would suggest a check up, having a doc check your belly by hand. by now they could feel the uterus hardened, or possibly an ultrasound if you were to be overly sure. I have heard of ppl having their period all through pregnancy & some ppl never test positive. are you under a high amount of stress? cus that alone can mess up your period.
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ImJusMe22 replied to An_242764's response:
thanks for your imput! its greatly appreciated.
ImJusMe22 replied to sweets1988's response:
oh wow i didnt kno it was pssible to be preg and still have periods? whoa. I kno with my son I was 3-4 months when I found out and the test was 1 line and a half. Im not under stress, tho but thanks for your advice. Its greatly appreciated!
khelgeson0291 replied to ImJusMe22's response:
Well, it's physically impossible to have a period when you're pregnant. Some women experience spotting and possibly some cramping but that's a normal part of pregnancy. I would go with the advice and go get a blood test because that's the only way to know 100%. It's impossible to have a false pos/neg with a blood test. Good luck!
phoenixfire76 responded:
Probably best you go see a Dr., if you can.
Best of luck.
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