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not sure
stevesgal86 posted:
I posted on here once before...with a similar issue. Last time was a false alarm and I was paranoid. I kinda feel like that's what I'm doing this time...but I really don't know. My boyfriend and I had sex..when I was ovulating....we're not trying to get pregnant we just forgot the condom....anyway...I got my period..I think...the only was early and different than my normal normal period is really heavy and like a deep red...this started out pink and went to bright red...then to like...clumps of discharge that looked brown...and no they weren't lining clots..I've had those i know what those are...and I had a lot of discharged mixed in with the bright red...which I don't normally have...I don't know whether I should just bite the bullet and get a test or forget it..
ScaredDddddddddd responded:
Are you having any symptoms? It sounds pretty unlikely that you are, and that you might just be stressing yourself out! Try to stay calm, I would ate a test just to make sure though! Keep me posted, good luck
stevesgal86 replied to ScaredDddddddddd's response:
Idk if I am or not..I'm super tired...all the time and my breasts hurt..I feel sick a lot...I'm having mood swings..I get mad at the littlest things...Idk...I guess only time will tell...Thanks tho.
72678 replied to stevesgal86's response:
um i think u might be preggo cause that was the symptoms i had with my second pregnancy my bbs hurt sooo much and i couldnt eat anything cause i was so sick to my stomach u should take a test make sure u take it first thing in the morning thats the best time to test good luck

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