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LH surge and ovulation?
cjl0510 posted:
I had a baby 3 months ago to the day. Today I felt a cramp on my side.. which the only time I get that was when I ovulate. Mind you I have not had my period yet (with both babies before it was over a year before I got AF back). But I took an ovulation test and it was positive.

We DTD two days ago. We didn't think to use protection because my lack of AF with my prior two children. Since the test was positive does that mean I DID ovulate? And do you think there is a possiblity I could become pregnant? Thanks in advance!
reb_hun responded:
lurking from first tri... you don't have to have your period in order to ovulate, there is a slight possibility you could wind up pregnant since you didn't use protection. i would wait until your period would be due and if you miss it i would test. if you do end up getting your period i would use protection unless you are planning to get preggo again. good luck
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Remember you ovulate before you get your period so it's definitly possible for you to get pregnant without having your first post-partum period.

My SIL got pregnant with her 3rd without having a post-partum period. She hadn't had a period since December 2006 due to pregnancy and full-time breasfeeding. She got pregnant and had my nephew in June 2009 so she went over two and a half years without a period.
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