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The Pill, Constipation, and Urination
An_247107 posted:
Hi! So, 2 months ago, I stopped taking birth control pills (I had been taking them for 3 months). I had a withdrawal bleed the first month after quitting, and I had a period last month (a couple days late and pretty heavy). Around 2 months ago, I started having constipation. My stomach sometimes gets distended. I also have had to go pee frequently, but the pee has had a cloudy tint to it, discharge has a yellow tint to it, and sometimes that area itches a little bit. The last time I had sex was 2 months ago. We had unprotected sex while I was having my withdrawal bleeding. I had lots of pregnancy symptoms (which may or may not have been because of going off the pill) and, last month, I took 2 HPTs and they were both negative. Could I be pregnant? Or could the constipation be from stopping the pill and urination from a possible yeast infection/UTI/vaginitis or something (both tested negative on STD tests, so no STDs)?
QueenBee612011 responded:
I was on the pill for 5 months. I recently came off for a month now and i had bleeding, such little that i thought it was implantation bleeding. I also had lots of pregnancy symptoms, and i took 2 hpt and it was 2 negatives. I also am urinating A LOT and yes its exactly how u explained without the itchy feeling. Its just side effects from getting off the pill.
KLN777 responded:
Cloudy urine is a big indicator of a urinary tract infection. I would go to the dr and get tested for that. Mention to them that you may be pregnant and ask them to check. If you are, that would be important info in choosing an antibiotic.

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