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    Hormone imbalance??
    studo02 posted:
    Quick info on my menstrual cycles: I have irregular cycles as it is-ranging from 30-40days. I've been tracking my bbt the last several months and have come to learn that my ovulation is irregular as well as my luteal phase, of which can be anywhere from 8-13 days. My period itself is very predictable, however. Spott for 1-4 days before, once it starts the pain and symptoms are absolutely unbearable. I'm on Moxican now to take as needed, not before (was naproxin sodium which didn't work at all). This pain and heavier flow (regular thin pad once every 4 hours, not very heavy really) is 6-8 hours. Then she's gone by 48-60 hours once she starts. As soon as my temp spikes after ovulation, I have terrible PMS symtoms until I start; bloating, fatigue, sore breasts, acne, mood swings. My hubby and I have learned to deal with this well. Oh, and I can't get enough food in me!
    This last cycle was VERY odd. My temp spikes, we had sex a lot this time (ttc). Then I started light bleeding (heavy spotting) on luteal day 5 which lasted until luteal day 9 (cd 28). During this luteal phase and leading up to the start of bleeding; absolutely ZERO pms. I actually just had absolutely no appetite. Kind of nice. But once I started bleeding, it was quite lighter than usual-which is light anyways-could wear my reg thin pad all day, and quite a bit less painful (although I had taken my pain meds) but lasted nearly the full 6 days (3x longer than norm), stopped abruptly then bled again (very lightly) 3 days later for about 2 days followed by 3 days of uterine cramping; light, but definetly noticable and uncomfortable. (Although it's not uncommon for me to have spotting 7-10 days after period starts.) As soon as this second round of light bleeding came, so did the severe fatigue and nausea, brings me to tears, can't tell if I'm tired or overly emotional. I sleep for 10 hours each night, plus if I can get a chance, 2 1+ hour naps during the day. Nothing feels good going down, but yet nothing in doesn't feel great either. I've had very loose and wet vaginal discharge since the second light bleeding stopped. I took a pregnancy test yesterday, negative. It's been 1 week since second bleeding ended, 2 weeks since start of "period". If this pursists, of course, I'll go in and see my doc after payday next week.
    Just wondering if anybody has had anything similar happen. Or if any advice or ideas come to mind to maybe give me some piece of mind.
    studo02 responded:
    BTW, my bbt is low, where it should be post menstruation.

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