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cant i get pregnant cos of following envirenment? pls reply
kkksss posted:
Every month, after 9th or 12th day from my periods, its comes all signs(knee,breast paining & pimples on chick) to get periods.
i wanted to knw that, can i try for a baby after happend this too
its a useless attempt?
sissy9011 responded:

With or without these signs you can conceive (become pregnant). If you are trying to become pregnant, then you need to need figure out when you ovulation cycle begins. The is when your eggs are released from your ovaries. This is some of the best time to become pregnant. Your ovulation cycle can before, or after your period comes.

Hoped that helped a little.
kkksss replied to sissy9011's response:
got fed up of trying to get pregnant as same as get a reply for this frm here, THANKS A LOT F REPLYING ME ANYHOW.

some1 told me, its within 7th to 15th days.,bt i try once, per two days, from 7th day. & from 7th day, i avoid all fiery food, bike riding, n staying whole day at home without dng any hard work, (totally act like a pregnant women), bt finally periods comes , my damm fate ;(

frm last month i hv been taken the tablet folik calcium & i got to know from here, im having hormone imbalance, n sarted to eat walnuts finally periods comes...

jens7dzoo replied to kkksss's response:
have tried for 11 years and quit trying last year now i am having the problem of lactation and possible pregnancy
kkksss replied to jens7dzoo's response:
11 yrs :O my goodness

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