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Ovulation on day 7 of my cycle and get pregnant?
wantingthatboy posted:
My husband and I are trying to conceive and I got off of birth control this month. I took out Nuva Ring on the 10th and started my period on the 13th and finished on the 16th as usual not but a few days. I started taking clear blue ovulation test on the morning of the 18th 6 days after my period began and got a negative result. On the 19th i took another test and got a smiley face so a few hours later I took another one and got a negative result. It is possible that I actually ovulated early this month and I missed my surge because it started later in the day of the 18th and i tested too early and then it was finishing up on the 19th? We had sex the night of the 17th and then mid day on the 19th after we saw that the surge had come and gone so quickly. Could it be possible that I really ovulated and could have gotten pregnant this month or can you get a false LH surge result from just being off of birth control and your hormones are all wacky. Really hope that is worked:) Any info would be great! I am so curious I am going to keep taking my ovulation tests every day to see if i get another surge this month or not.

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