Positive Or Negative
An_248188 posted:
Ok so I been spotting for 3 days now, nothing major, just enough for my toilet paper to pick up. I am now 1 day late, which is nothing major since I have PCOS. Which makes my periods start around different times. But I decided to take a pregnancy test today, it was one of Answers pregnancy test. Well the first line was really dark, but the second line was very very light, my camera barely picked it up. But if you look at the test it self really close you can see a line. What does that mean? The past test i took over the years never done it..
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Sounds like you might be pregnant. Wait a few more days and take another test.
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scisneroz responded:
I took an Answers test too and the line was very faint, but I read that if the second line appears, then the pregnancy hormone is detected and you are pregnant. I took another test a couple of days later and the line came back even fainter than the first time! So, I have an appt. with my ob next week, but I'm going to take another test tomorrow, just to ease my curiosity and anxiety!
An_248188 responded:
Thank you ladies,I just took a blood test today, so all i am doing it waiting, Im a lil scared because I have been spotting for about 4 days now, today it seems to be a lil more than the other days
christina13 replied to An_248188's response:
im in the same boat im 3 days late with slight cramps and have brown discharge but only when i wipe i took a test but it came out negative but the line was very faint im waiting a few more days to try again cant do a blood test till another week so not sure if im pregnant or not