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new b/c, light period now no period but missed some pills. could i be
UTgirl posted:
I was taking Zovia and I would spot throughout my cyle, so my Dr changed me to Loestrin 24 and it has been wonderful for me. I dont spot, my ovaries havent hurt like they did, and it has even decreased my cramping and taken my period down to only a day, day and a half tops. I probably miss a pill once or twice a cycle and just double up like I was told, but I know thats still bad. The month before last my period wasnt even a day. I barely spotted but still cramped some. This month I didn't spot at all. No cramping or anything. I got nothing. So ive started back on my B/C cycle. Im almost 3 weeks into my pills and I'm starting to be concerned. I've have scared myself before for no reason and wasted too much money on tests. But I've never had no period at all and no cramping. I've had a slight headache almost everyday for two weeks but its started slacking off. I've been dreaming more. And this week I started having quite a bit of vaginal discharge that is the milky color mostly during the day but its everyday......I've been a little stressed but not any more than normal. I really dont wanna take another pregnancy test just to realize that its all in my head and I've wasted more money. Idk if I just didnt have a period because my new B/C that I've been on since like May normally makes some women have no period. Do you think its probably because I am still adjusting to this B/C or should I drop some more money and take a test. Or should I wait and see what happens with my period in a few days......Some input would be awesome

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