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Am I 4 wks pregnant or 8 wks pregnant?
An_248408 posted:
Am I 4 wks or 8 wks pregnant? I had protected sex Aug 17, 2012 with a guy I was casually dating, lets call him A. I met another man and had sex with him on Aug 22, let's call him B. I have been dating and only having unprotected sex with B from Aug 22 to now. My last period started, Sept 1, 2012. The test that I took today, Oct 13, 2012 was positive. Is there any possibility that A could be the father?
fzwduck responded:
Yes either one could be the father. Go to the doctor get an ultrasound they will take measurements that will tell you most accurately how far along you are. Short of a DNA test that's your best bet
tlkittycat1968 responded:
There was only a five day difference between when you had sex with A and then B. Sperm can live up to 5 days under the right conditions so either one can be the father. You will have to have a DNA test done after the baby is born.
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octoberblues responded:
I think the fact that sex with A was protected and it sounds like it was one time, I'm guessing it is more than likely that you are pregnant with B's child. You also mention you had a period on Sept 1. Leaving me to believe that you only got pregnant after you finished you period. Let's walk backwards, if your period lasts a week, then you finished around Sept. 8. you have about a 30 day cycle. Sometime around Sept. 13-16th you are in your most fertile to your ovulation point. You've been having sex with B, since Aug 22nd. This to me points that you are pregnant with B's child.

However, if you are still unsure, think back, when did you start feeling symptoms? Maybe a couple of weeks ago? Have you had any symptoms? Morning sickness? Food aversion, breast tenderness, etc? Usually, people find out they are pregnant after the fact. So I'm assuming that you expected a period around Oct.1, but none came, hence the test a couple of days ago. I'm thinking you are more around 4 weeks pregnant than 8 weeks, reading what you wrote from above. However, like one person said above, ultrasound would work or a DNA test, although it is highly expensive (I think).
octoberblues replied to octoberblues's response:
I should say that I'm guessing you have an average of a 30 day cycle.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
If you had your period on spet 1st then its likely that B is the father if you had only been having sex with him since that time.
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melisa replied to octoberblues's response:
Thank you for your reply, I have since had an ulltrasound and it has been verified that I am indeed only 4 wks along. Concluding that B is the father. Thank you for your replys.

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