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I dont know what to think. Help?
An_248778 posted:
Ive been having this feelin that I could possibly be pregnant almost all month. Ive felt the twinges, the nausea (without vomitting), the sore nipples, lower back aches (obviously worse than ever), congestion as if i were about to get a cold (never did), fatigue, and the list goes onnn and onnn. I did a lot of googling and some results lead me to pregnancy, pms, and other things so i knew it could be anything and I had to wait until AF was due. AF usually comes around the 30th after feeling crampy for about a week (didnt feel crampy before it this month) and starts out pretty heavy with dark blood, clots, and unbearable cramping. On the 28th, I began to get on and off pink/pinkish orange spotting with no cramps or clotting. This lasted lasted for three days but I could see it gradually getting a tiny bit darker every day. Today (31st) I woke up to a bright red (not usual dark red) flow thats heavier than the pink spotting but still lighter than usual. My cramps arent as bad and as the day progressed, it kind of seems like the color is fading. I could be imagining it but only time will tell. My nipples are also beginning to feel sore again and theyre never sore after my period starts, only a sign that its on its way and I am also urinating more frequently. ALTHOUGH, my mother has informed me that she had regular periods up until 6 months of one of her pregnancies, I would like to know if this sounds like it could be anything else to anyone ????
mommyin2011 responded:
it wont hurt to take a prenancy test. if your not pregnant, it just be a funky period.

This could also be a miscarrage.

Symptoms of a miscarriage include:
  • Bleeding which progresses from light to heavy
  • Severe cramps
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Weakness
  • Back pain
If you experience the symptoms listed above, contact your obstetric health care provider right away. He or she will tell you to come in to the office or go to the emergency room.

good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Proud mommy of DS (7/31/11) and DD (7/18/12)
LoisaMay responded:
If you are pregnant, no menstruation occurs. However, intermittent bleeding (called "spotting") can happen and is pretty normal. That being said, if you are pregnant and experiencing bleeding, this could be a "threatened miscarriage" and requires immediate medical attention. My advice is to make an appointment with your doctor right way to determine what is happening, and what your next steps should be.

Best of luck.

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