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Symptoms but having negative test.
Shortcake88 posted:
To start off a little about myself, I have 2 daughters. My first was born 6/7/10 and second 9/2/11. My second was conceived on the birth control pill. I am having A LOT of symptoms but home test came up negative. Took that a few days ago on 10/29/12 so maybe it was too early. Right now I do have an IUD inserted. With my first daughter I had taken 12 home tests which all but the last 2 came up negative and I was already two months along when they finally showed up. With second daughter it took only 2 tests to show up the first positive. My body is very weird in the HCG levels. Here are my symptoms: I'm tired ALL the time which is completely different than my normal self, I've been using the bathroom more often also not like me normally, Nausea no matter if I eat or dont eat, Never feeling full after eating no matter how much food I ate, Sensitivity to smells, Mood swings more often, Hot flashes that are really bad all the time, Low back pain, More vaginal discharge sorry gross I know, Headaches, TERRIBLE cramps which I dont ever get even on PMS days, Bloating, Gas that I dont ever have, Spotted for 1 day after a couple weeks of having AF, and a couple more things too. My period is due within this week, but have been feeling this way ever since last period came. Like I mentioned, I dont ever get PMS signs. I just need some insight, thats all. I cant talk to my sisters about this because they cant have children, and really dont want to speak to my fiances family about it until I know for sure. So please help me out here.
LoisaMay responded:
You should seek out your doctor immediately. In the event you are pregnant, you need to make sure your pregnancy is not ectopic (a tubal pregnancy - considered a medical emergency), as this is a risk factor of pregnancy with an IUD. A blood test should be able to determine whether you are in fact pregnant.

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