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Help please!!! need advice!
mhamel10 posted:
I have been on Mirena for about a year and a half now, my boyfriend and I have been together for over four years now, I'm only 20, but since we have been together so long we only use the mirena as our contraception, the last two weeks, I have been having extreme mood swings, crying over the most random things, and have been nauseous almost every day, never throwing up though, I've also had tender breasts and slight bleeding, I haven't had a period since the first few months of having mirena, getting nervous if I'm pregnant, have even noticed my stomach feeling slightly firmer, not sure if its just me being nervous and just thinking I'm getting bigger, but I even feel funny in my stomach region, and advice?! not really sure what to do at this point! thank you!!!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Try taking a test.
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McCurdygirl84 responded:
Not knowing can be scary...I would take a test...if you still have symptoms make an appointment with your obgyn and relay your concerns, They may be able to use other methods to see if you are in fact pregnant
Best of luck and God Blessings:)
atrutty29 responded:
I was on the mirena without hormones (cannot use hormonal BC bc of migraines), and it made me bleed so much that it made me anemic and they had to remove. Is yours with hormones or without?

Either way - make an appt. I always worried about having a forign object up there and the possibility of puncturing the uterus if it moves...... Don't want to scare u byt with IUDs there is no room for wondering...

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