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Is it possibly IB?
An_248772 posted:
Have had many symptoms off and on for the past couple weeks, last period 10/11/12, negative home tests, 13 dpo, 2 days late for this months period, been having reddish/brownish spotting for the past 3 days (not even enough to cover a pantyliner) with no pain or discomfort (maybe implantation bleeding???), was thinking period was going to show up (even if late) but hasent with no sign of it showing up at all. I am using birth control so this is confusing to me. This is the first time ever missing a period in over a year (had daughters in 2010 and 2011) with using this birth control too. So is there a possibility I may be pregnant? Is it something other than pregnancy? May it just be a cyst on my overies? I dont really feel like doing anymore home tests because of money and because of my HCG levels are never really all that high until later in my pregnancies. Oh, and btw dont have a doctor right now either. Recently have moved to a new state. Please help me.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Skipping a period while on birth control is common. There is a regular poster on Web MD who had it happen to her 3 times. Also, just because it's never happened to you before doesn't mean it can't/won't.
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McCurdygirl84 responded:
If you don't have a doctor you have a couple other options. You can check at a local planned parenthood, might sound cliche but they are friendly and helpful, also a community walk-in clinic is available. Go ahead and see if you can visit one of those and see whats going on. You can find information on them in your phone book under pregnancy. I hope this helps.
Best of luck and God Blessings:)

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