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Am I pregnant?
An_248772 posted:
I've had many symptoms for weeks, late period, spotting for a few days, on birth control so not normally having late periods, and more. Well, I've taken a few home tests and two of them did the same thing. In the time frame its supposed to take to show the results it would show a very very faint line on the pregnant part and a very dark line for the control part. Then the line had seemed to go away or it may have been my eyes messing with me but came up darker later on during the day. With color (the purple/pink) and not a clear/brownish color line and went from top to bottom. So, is that a positive or an evap line? Am I pregnant or not? Has this happened to anyone else and they actually were pregnant?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If it's past 10 minutes, I'd say an evap line.

Try using a digital test that way there is no doubt as to what it says.
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Shortcake88 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Well when it was in the time frame of the test being read it was a very faint line, as it dried it got darker. The line is still able to be seen, and it the test was taken 3 days ago.
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atrutty29 responded:
Wellll - in the past when I have tested too early - I have gotten BFN, then threw away only to pull out of the garbage much later (after the time allocated to receive "actual results) and then it showed BFP. I knew I wasn't supposed to go by this so I waited a day or two (or both lol), and tested again, as I did they got darker (within the 10 min).

Good luck!

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