Trying not to panic
Anon_46303 posted:
So I am trying not to panic this morning. My significant other and I are currently only using the pull out health insurance sucks and I haven't been able to afford my BC pill for about a year and am beginning to see how idiotic we were not to get condoms. Usually, my SO has no problem pulling out but last month, he didn't three times. Last month I was a little late, and had no concerns at all about being pregnant. This month, I am late about 8 days. Also, since Monday (it's Friday) my breast have been tender...not horrible but tender to the touch and tender somewhat when I ran. I felt my period coming on, but no, nothing. So this morning, I decided I would try a home pregnancy test just to put my nerves on the shelve and can be positive I'm not pregnant ( I really wasn't concerned). Well the test (Clear blue plus) came out positive. I was shocked. I thought I will wait to take the other one tomorrow morning, but couldn't resist and took another one about an hour ago hoping it would be negative...but no positive. I read online about how clear blue has given out false positives, and I am hoping this is the case. What do you all think? should I be worried? Should I go to a doctor? Try another brand? I am trying to stay calm, but my insurance sucks and will not be able to afford this right now.
Nikki3004 responded:
Your pregnant!!!!!
rosie051985 replied to Nikki3004's response:
I fear you are correct. Just took a third one (this time First Response brand) and it was positive. I've always wanted a kid, but right now isn't the right time in my life.
tlkittycat1968 replied to rosie051985's response:
Definitely pregnant. False positives are pretty rare and 3 are pretty much impossible.
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atrutty29 responded:
IMHO you are def preggers. I am so sorry for your worry over your insurance - financial concerns are definitely a factor in all pg's - let alone surprises! This is why we have 9 months to adjust. You will love this baby and figure out the rest if that is what u choose to do!

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