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Could I still be pregnant?
Anon_59630 posted:
So here's the deal:
I have had a previous miscarriage at about 8 weeks. I started spotting for a week and then started bleeding. The bleeding was VERY heavy and had some moderate to severe cramping. I seriously couldn't get off the toilet for days.

I found out I was pregnant again a couple months later. Three days after I found out I was pregnant, I started spotting and then the next day started bleeding. It wasn't heavy, mostly like my regular period really. I went to the ER and they told me I was having a miscarriage. He said that my levels were "non-existant" and that based on the fact that I was bleeding, he deducted that I was miscarrying. He did not do a pelvic exam. He didn't feel it was necessary. I decided since he said that the miscarriage was complete that I wouldn't follow up with my doctor. I've been through it before, I didn't want to go back and forth to the doctor for them to tell me that everytime I go to the bathroom, I am flushing my child down the toilet. (Sorry if that is harsh, I was just mad and upset that it was happening again. What did I do to deserve that?) I bleed for about 5 days (just like a period, not heavy at all, just normal. I never bled through any pads or anything like that) and then it stopped. It seriously was like a period. Started light, got a little heavier, then tapered off. I never saw any real "chunks" (sorry if TMI). It has been 13 days since I stopped bleeding and I still feel pregnant. I'm getting hot flashes, I've felt nauseous here and there, and I just FEEL pregnant still. Is it possible that the ER doctor was wrong? Could I still be pregnant and just have had low HCG levels?
marie040402 responded:
You need to follow up with your doctor regardless. Just because your levels were really low and you were bleeding does not guarantee you passed all the products of conception. I know from experience it does take a little while for your hormones to go back to normal but I would still follow up with your doctor.
marie040402 responded:
Take a hpt to see if its still positive.
Hjoym0105 responded:
I would definitely recommend going back in to the Dr and having them do an ultrasound. When I got pregnant almost four years ago, I had bleeding similar to you at about 9 weeks, went in to the ER and they immediately performed an ultrasound during which they could see the heartbeat but also that the placenta had started tearing away from my uterus causing the bleeding. So just because there was some bleeding, I wouldn't automatically assume miscarriage, especially if you still feel pregnant afterwards.

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