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What's the likelihood that I am pregnant?
StarSapphire22 posted:

I'm wondering whether or not I may be pregnant. My period is normally irregular, but I'm late by between 4-8 days. I started showing signs associated with pregnancy about 1 week ago. These included nausea and vomiting, exhaustion (I've been sleeping about 10-13 hours a night), moodiness, having to pee ALL the time, and cravings for potstickers and turkey sandwiches with spinach (like, "I'm going to kill somebody if I don't get this" cravings, not just "hmm, that sounds good" cravings). My breasts have also felt...heavy. Not sore or anything, just heavy. 5 days ago, I took a First Response brand at home test. It was negative. I was concerned I might be taking it too soon. 3 days ago, I took another. It was negative again. I'm sure I was doing it right, and they weren't expired. 2 days ago, I started spotting. Maybe little...spurts, I guess....once or twice a day, yesterday and today. My fiancee and I jokingly refer to my period as hemorrhaging...I normally have an EXTREMELY heavy flow. So for me to's like, NEVER happened, and it's weird. What are the chances that I'm pregnant? Should I see a doctor?
StarSapphire22 responded:
I should probably clarify, that by "irregular" my cycles vary in length by 1-3 days, usually. Not this long, and I've never missed a period or anything.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's possible you're pregnant and not showing on the tests or maybe you didn't ovulate and usually no ovulation means no period.

Wait and see if you miss a second period. If you do and are still getting negative test results, see your doctor.
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