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Could I Be Feeling Symptoms This Early?
bluefrogger posted:
So I supposedly was two days before my peak ovulation last Sun the 25th and my husband and I had intercourse. I usually do get slightly sore breasts a week to a couple days before my periods towards my armpits. That usually only lasts a day or so. By Thurs of last week the 29th my breasts were sore and have remained that way for the past five days. Today I started bleeding some and having some cramping. I am not due for my period until next Tues the 11th. This would be my second pregnancy, our daughter will be 6 in Jan. I did get sore breasts with her but not until I was around 6wks prego. I did not have any implantation bleeding with her either. I do feel a bit lightheaded and queesy but that might be just because I am working myself up about Could I really be having symptoms this early? If I am having symptoms this early could I get a positive test? Just looking for some advice and opinions. Thanks!!!
sambosilver responded:
If you aren't expecting af until next Tuesday I'd wait a couple more days. Chances are you'll just be disappointed. That being said, if you O'd when you think you did, you could have had implantation by now so it's not out of the question that you would feel symptoms. More than likely anything you feel is the progesterone. It can make you feel the same kind of symptoms. Honestly, I'd wait a few days and test with frer if you can't wait to see if af shows. GL!!

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