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hopetobemommysoon7 posted:
Why my breasts are with strech marks but on the upper sight-from a side of them, maybe because i have smaller breasts so now they started to grow??I also noticed few days ago that i have one or two visible blue vains which i didnt have before. I think i am pregnant in my early pregnancy, since my period is late this months shoud've come on the 7 but today we are 16 january, and the last month was late 7 days, it came on 13 jan, before i was regular. But during the waiting time last month i had brown dicharge 3 days, and as my period came on 13 dec. it was less blood, didnt hurt at all as usual menstruation. So what is going on??Please somebody help because i am desperate, and hopefully pregnant!From the other symptoms my belly is huge like i weight 100 kg. i gain so quicly and i am more craving more salty, oranges, cold water, ginger ale, etc...i have some headachnes, i am and i often getting tired, my leg muscles hurt, i have had bubles in my stomach yesterday night i dont know why, and i feel constipated. I am dizzy and hmm what else, dont have concentration unfortunatelly and i just started with my studies...Ah yeah, i have so many pipms and spots luke a teenager and they are coming up everyday, i cant solve them with any kind of gel or something. I also have them under my arms, and also i have a road map of veins, on my arms. Also yesterday and today i am feeling my stomach like it hurts on the upper place is it growing?? Please help me because i really dont know what to do, oh yeah and i took 2 cheap tests but they are both negative. My mom didnt know she was pregnant with me until the 4 month, so is it the same with me? oh i also have tiger strech marks huuuge on my right lower abdomen and there are some few on the left side.Very thankfull...

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